Good Morning!

Last weekend I completed my first course in the Event Management program at NAIT. I spent 7 hours each day at the lectures for the Human Resources Management course. It was pretty intense. I enjoyed being in a student role again, taking notes and doing homework. I know that I’m good at HR since I already studied it in the Arts and Cultural Management program, and it gave me a confidence boost. Since I haven’t found a job yet where I can implement the skills learned at Grant MacEwan, it felt good to use them again.

Our instructor was the charming Shelley Switzer who is the producer at Edmonton International Street Performers Festival! She was fun to listen to and had a good division between lecture time and activity time during the two long days together. It was also great to be able to make a new connection in the arts in Edmonton!

I can highly recommend this course if you’re planning on taking the Event Management program, or if you just want to learn more about HR!

That’s all for today! I will now go back to daydreaming of a trip to Mexico!


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