Fall Convocation 2014

Good Evening,

Yesterday was a big day! It was convocation day! I officially graduated from the Arts and Cultural Management program at Grant MacEwan University. The experience was quite surreal until I saw myself in the mirror with my gown and cap on, and I realized that I had done it. I had succeeded. Going to a university in a foreign country is probably one of the biggest challenges I will ever encounter, and I was proud.

The ceremony offered many wise words and enlightening advice. I was so nervous to walk across the stage with all the other students and their families watching. I smiled at my name being mispronounced as usual, and walked tall and proud to shake hands with everyone standing on stage. I hugged Rose, our program chair, one of the kindest people I have ever met. My classmates cheered in support and I accepted my diploma. It was too bad my family couldn’t attend, but flying to Canada from Sweden is pretty far since they already visited me once this year.

I am so glad I decided to go back to school. It gave me more knowledge and confidence and I met some wonderful people. There are many good memories that I will always cherish. It is sad that it’s over, but I’m excited for what the future may hold.




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