Alberta Culture Days

Good Afternoon,

I hope you all had a chance to enjoy Alberta Culture Days this weekend! I spent some  of my Saturday and Sunday at the Winspear Centre which was vibrant with life and art.

I went to see the beautiful Davis Organ up close on a tour. It is such a spectacular instrument and I am happy I was able to be there. The man who told us all about the history of the organ graced us with a couple of songs. It was almost like a spiritual experience being so close to the instrument while listening to its vibrant sounds.

After the tour we watched the Shumka Dancers and listened to Ukrainian folk music. It is so wonderful to live in a place that completely embraces multiculture. It is great to be able to participate in so many different cultures here. To be honest I enjoyed the folk music the most, although I didn’t understand a word they were singing, you could feel its meaning. The performance echoed with history and human experiences. Absolutely lovely.

And finally, this morning, I experienced opera for the first time. Edmonton Opera brought two amazing sopranos who performed a few songs for everyone to enjoy. Mozart and Verdi among others. I can only imagine how spectacular it must be to see a real operatic performance with a stage, costumes, and more instruments to dazzle the senses.
To sum it up, it has been a great weekend!

Davis Organ - Winspear Centre

Davis Organ – Winspear Centre


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