Toulouse-Lautrec & La Vie Moderne

Good Evening!

Last night I volunteered at the AGA for the exhibit opening of “Toulouse-Lautrec & La Vie Moderne Paris 1880-1910.” Ever since the gallery announced this exhibit at the Holly Ball last winter I have been waiting for it to arrive. I have always been a fan of Toulouse-Lautrec’s work and love La Belle Epoque. The AGA was very busy; lots of people gathered to experience works by some of the French impressionists from the turn of the century. To stand in front of this art, and think of all the history it contains, is truly breathtaking! I imagined  myself in bohemian Paris with its cabarets, cafés, and shadow theatres. How wonderful it must have been!

If you can’t afford a membership at the Art Gallery of Alberta I suggest that you volunteer! It is a great way to experience their exhibits and at the same time contribute to the arts community!

Tolouse Lautrec


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