Arts and Cultural Management

Good evening,

It feels so strange that it is August and I’m not preparing to go back to school (buying new textbooks, and all that…) I can’t believe how quickly those two years went by, and I’m already nostalgic about the experience. I am so glad that I decided to take the Arts and Cultural Management program; I have learned so much over these past couple of years! It truly feels like I chose the right career path and I’m excited about the kind of work I will be able to do from now on.

My plan is to work in Edmonton for the next couple of years to gain experience and learn more about Arts and Cultural Management. After those two years are up, I will move back to Sweden where I belong, and contribute to my lovely culture as well. I already have a few organizations in mind where I would love to work in Halland county (where I’m from).

I’m so excited about the future and warmly recommend the Arts and Cultural Management program at Grant MacEwan University- it is a great academic investment as you won’t be limited to work in only one area within the arts; but can explore opportunities in art galleries, theatres, museums, festivals, and more!

2012-08-30 12.31.01


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