Walterdale Theatre

Hi all,

I completed a field placement at Walterdale Theatre in the beginning of July as part of completing the Arts and Cultural Management program. Now that I am searching for a job in this field, I realize how extremely helpful the internship was. I became more confident in the skills I learned in the program asI was able to implement them. It was good practice and it improved my skills. I also learned more about Performing Arts Management and what it is like to work in the not-for-profit sector. I am so happy we were required to do an 8-week placement and am sad that it had to end. I had so much fun at Walterdale Theatre!

So now I am to dive into the world of Arts and Cultural Management! I have just begun my search for local career opportunities and hope I will find something soon. I am eager to learn more and excited to be able to contribute to Edmonton’s arts scene.

If you know of any opportunities let me know!

Walterdale Theatre

Walterdale Theatre


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