Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been too busy to blog lately because I went home to Sweden for Christmas but I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year’s Eve!

Right before I left I completed my internship at Creative Practices Institute. It was such a great experience and I learned more about working in an artist-run centre. So if you’re looking for an internship to get more arts administration experience, I can highly recommend that you contact one of the directors at CPI!

I am still looking for employment and hope that someone will give me a chance to prove my worth soon. It is a big test. You begin to lose faith in your abilities and wonder if you’re actually in the right field. But I’m not giving up yet, I will continue to take courses at NAIT to improve my skills. I do believe everything happens for a reason!

Take care!


I took this picture at Göteborgs Stadsmuseum. I went there in December.




Good Morning!

Last weekend I completed my first course in the Event Management program at NAIT. I spent 7 hours each day at the lectures for the Human Resources Management course. It was pretty intense. I enjoyed being in a student role again, taking notes and doing homework. I know that I’m good at HR since I already studied it in the Arts and Cultural Management program, and it gave me a confidence boost. Since I haven’t found a job yet where I can implement the skills learned at Grant MacEwan, it felt good to use them again.

Our instructor was the charming Shelley Switzer who is the producer at Edmonton International Street Performers Festival! She was fun to listen to and had a good division between lecture time and activity time during the two long days together. It was also great to be able to make a new connection in the arts in Edmonton!

I can highly recommend this course if you’re planning on taking the Event Management program, or if you just want to learn more about HR!

That’s all for today! I will now go back to daydreaming of a trip to Mexico!

Event Management Program

Good Afternoon!

A couple of posts ago I said I have some news and here they are: I’m going back to school! A couple of weeks ago I was writing down my short-, intermediate-, and long term career goals when my boyfriend mentioned that NAIT is offering an Event Management Certificate. Since this is the field I dream of working with I went to NAIT’s website to read more about it. The courses are offered one at a time on evenings and weekends which is super convenient as I will be able to work at the same time. The program sounded so awesome and my gut told me to go for it.

I didn’t learn much about Event Coordination in the Arts and Cultural Management program so I think it’s a good idea to continue my studies. I have signed up for two of the courses, one is starting this weekend and I’m really excited!


All Is Bright

Hi all,

On Saturday I went to 124 Street where the All Is Bright winter festival was happening. Snow flakes were falling and the shop windows lit up the dark evening. We stopped to admire the magnificent gingerbread house at Duchess Bake Shop before we arrived at the festival. Fire dancers, lights, and music made the place come to life. Families were gathered around the fire pits to make s’mores. There were beautiful ice sculptures on display along the street, shining like glass. Horse drawn sleighs passed us. It was magical. And cold. I haven’t been to this festival before and was happy to try something new. It was a very cozy night out.


Fall Convocation 2014

Good Evening,

Yesterday was a big day! It was convocation day! I officially graduated from the Arts and Cultural Management program at Grant MacEwan University. The experience was quite surreal until I saw myself in the mirror with my gown and cap on, and I realized that I had done it. I had succeeded. Going to a university in a foreign country is probably one of the biggest challenges I will ever encounter, and I was proud.

The ceremony offered many wise words and enlightening advice. I was so nervous to walk across the stage with all the other students and their families watching. I smiled at my name being mispronounced as usual, and walked tall and proud to shake hands with everyone standing on stage. I hugged Rose, our program chair, one of the kindest people I have ever met. My classmates cheered in support and I accepted my diploma. It was too bad my family couldn’t attend, but flying to Canada from Sweden is pretty far since they already visited me once this year.

I am so glad I decided to go back to school. It gave me more knowledge and confidence and I met some wonderful people. There are many good memories that I will always cherish. It is sad that it’s over, but I’m excited for what the future may hold.



Shadow Play

Good Evening,

I hope you all had an exciting weekend! I volunteered at Art Gallery of Alberta’s Shadow Play refinery on Saturday night with a friend. The theme of the event was so inspired and creative! We were just counting people so we got a good view of all the impressive costumes- it was great.

After my shift (around 11pm) I went upstairs to enjoy Toulouse-Lautrec’s art one last time before it moves. Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow. It was my favorite exhibit at the AGA so far, I’ve been a big fan of Monsieur Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec for so many years now that it has been a real treat to see his art. I will miss it.

The event was also sad because it was the last time I’m volunteering there for a while. I have many other things happening in my career right now so I thought it best to leave the AGA. It has been such a fun year volunteering there though and it’s one of the places where I’ve felt at home in Edmonton. I will miss it.

Stay tuned, I have some career announcements coming up soon!


Jill Barber

Good Evening!

I had a most enchanting time on Friday evening at the Arden Theatre in Saint Albert! It was my first time visiting the Arden and I found it to be very charming and intimate. My favorite artist Jill Barber was performing that evening and I had waited so long for her to visit us in Alberta!

It was such a lovely performance: her romantic moonlight jazz transported me to an underground jazz club somewhere between the 1920’s and the 1940’s.  She seduced the audience with her sultry notes and engaging demeanor. They performed the best from her albums Mischievous Moon and Fool’s Gold (you should buy them both as well as her album Chansons). It was a real dream come true to see her perform live, but the best part of the evening was that she came out to the foyer after the show so that everyone could meet her. I got her autograph and my picture taken with her which was awesome. It was a magical night that I will never forget.

If you enjoy classic jazz à la Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday I promise you, you will love Jill Barber!



Good Afternoon!

I’ve been unable to post anything the last couple of weeks because I went for a short trip to BC, and when I came back I got sick.

But now I will tell you about my Halloween! I spent the first part of the evening in Old Strathcona where Edmonton Ghost Tours offered a ghastly promenade. It was the perfect activity for a dark October night. The stories were entertaining (although I do feel a bit bad about calling people’s deaths “entertaining”). Edmonton Ghost Tours are not limited to Halloween only but have tours in the summer time as well, so if you missed out you won’t have to wait for a whole year to experience it.

The last part of the evening I spent at the Winspear Centre where they screened the 1925 version of The Phantom of the Opera with Dennis James playing the organ live. It was wonderful and a creative way to experience a silent film. The movie wasn’t too impressive but the music of the organ made it into a great experience. I believe the Winspear Centre is doing this event annually so if you haven’t already gone, you should go next year!

I hope you all had a happy Halloween!

And Then The Lights Went Out

Good Afternoon,

Last night I went to Walterdale Theatre to see the play And Then The Lights Went Out by Canadian playwright Andy Garland. I love Film Noir so I had to see it. It was great to be back at Walterdale Theatre, it has been almost four months since I completed by field placement there, and I have missed the historical building. The play was great, I enjoyed it very much. The theme was complete with the fedora, a femme fatale, and jazz music. It is definitely worth seeing!

I think it’s important, at least for me, to attend arts events to be reminded of why I’m trying to get a job in this field. Although I’ve had a few interviews, people are looking for someone who have more experience. It is hard to get a job, in any field really. But when I go to a play, or an exhibition I feel motivated to keep looking and not giving up.

Photo Credit Douglas Stewart

Photo Credit Douglas Stewart

City Market Downtown

Good Afternoon!

This morning I visited the City Market Downtown for the first time! It was their last Saturday outside and next week they’ll be moving indoors to City Hall. The weather was lovely, the sun was shining, people were walking their dogs, talking to friends. The atmosphere was kind and generous. Words like “community,” and “organic” came to mind. The organization’s Administrative Manager was kind enough to give me a tour and tell me a bit about the history behind the market which I very much appreciated. It would certainly be fun to be a part of it! I know that a lot of people in Edmonton are regular visitors but if you haven’t been there yet you should check it out! It will be different now that they are moving indoors, but I’m sure it will be a different kind of wonderful!

City Market Downtown