Creative Practices Institute

Hi all!

I had a very exciting Saturday! Last week I had a meeting with the founding directors of Creative Practices Institute which is an artist-run centre here in Edmonton. We discussed a potential internship for me at the organization and yesterday I officially accepted the position as their Event Management Intern! It is my goal to work as an Event Coordinator (eventually) and I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to implement the skills I’ve already learned in this field, but also to learn more about event planning. The directors were awesome and tailored the internship to suit my goals which I really appreciate! I am excited to be able to contribute to the organization in a meaningful way – it’s going to be so much fun!

Creative Practices Institute

Toulouse-Lautrec & La Vie Moderne

Good Evening!

Last night I volunteered at the AGA for the exhibit opening of “Toulouse-Lautrec & La Vie Moderne Paris 1880-1910.” Ever since the gallery announced this exhibit at the Holly Ball last winter I have been waiting for it to arrive. I have always been a fan of Toulouse-Lautrec’s work and love La Belle Epoque. The AGA was very busy; lots of people gathered to experience works by some of the French impressionists from the turn of the century. To stand in front of this art, and think of all the history it contains, is truly breathtaking! I imagined  myself in bohemian Paris with its cabarets, cafés, and shadow theatres. How wonderful it must have been!

If you can’t afford a membership at the Art Gallery of Alberta I suggest that you volunteer! It is a great way to experience their exhibits and at the same time contribute to the arts community!

Tolouse Lautrec

Disney in Concert

Hi all,

Did anyone else get to enjoy Edmonton Symphony Orchestra’s Disney in Concert this weekend? I hope so because it was wonderful! About 12,000 people showed up on Friday night to experience the talents that ESO has to offer. The performance was really nostalgic for me who grew up with all the Disney movies, and I was glad to see many young families there. The musicians, conductor, and vocalists were truly amazing and the event was concluded with spectacular fireworks. I am so happy that I moved to this city and get to experience all the art and culture that it has to offer! 

Disney in Concert

Queen of Hearts

Good Afternoon!

Today I went to Muttart Conservatory to see the Queen of Hearts exhibit in their feature pyramid. It was the second time I visited Muttart and I absolutely love it there! There is so much to experience and enjoy in Edmonton’s arts and cultural scene. The exhibit was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. They had actors dress up as Alice, The Mad Hatter, and the March Hare to entertain the children. There was also face painting and a Card Soldier Workshop. So I recommend that you check out this exhibit if you 1. Have kids, 2. Enjoy the Alice in Wonderland story, or 3. Just adore flowers!

Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter in the Queen of Hearts Exhibit

Arts and Cultural Management

Good evening,

It feels so strange that it is August and I’m not preparing to go back to school (buying new textbooks, and all that…) I can’t believe how quickly those two years went by, and I’m already nostalgic about the experience. I am so glad that I decided to take the Arts and Cultural Management program; I have learned so much over these past couple of years! It truly feels like I chose the right career path and I’m excited about the kind of work I will be able to do from now on.

My plan is to work in Edmonton for the next couple of years to gain experience and learn more about Arts and Cultural Management. After those two years are up, I will move back to Sweden where I belong, and contribute to my lovely culture as well. I already have a few organizations in mind where I would love to work in Halland county (where I’m from).

I’m so excited about the future and warmly recommend the Arts and Cultural Management program at Grant MacEwan University- it is a great academic investment as you won’t be limited to work in only one area within the arts; but can explore opportunities in art galleries, theatres, museums, festivals, and more!

2012-08-30 12.31.01

Walterdale Theatre

Hi all,

I completed a field placement at Walterdale Theatre in the beginning of July as part of completing the Arts and Cultural Management program. Now that I am searching for a job in this field, I realize how extremely helpful the internship was. I became more confident in the skills I learned in the program asI was able to implement them. It was good practice and it improved my skills. I also learned more about Performing Arts Management and what it is like to work in the not-for-profit sector. I am so happy we were required to do an 8-week placement and am sad that it had to end. I had so much fun at Walterdale Theatre!

So now I am to dive into the world of Arts and Cultural Management! I have just begun my search for local career opportunities and hope I will find something soon. I am eager to learn more and excited to be able to contribute to Edmonton’s arts scene.

If you know of any opportunities let me know!

Walterdale Theatre

Walterdale Theatre

AGA Exhibition

Hi all,

Last week I volunteered as an Event Assistant at the Art Gallery of Alberta. They hosted an exhibition opening for local artist Alma Louise Visscher’s Cathedral Cumulus and New Lines: Contemporary Drawings from the National Gallery of Canada. It was a calmer opening than usual, but it was made up for with all the brilliant faces in the building. I was counting capacity for the latter exhibition which was a lot of fun. It is always a pleasure to be surrounded by other individuals who appreciate the arts.

My image is from a different exhibit that is displayed at the AGA right now. I fell in love with the combination of creepy sounds and the rough structure of the table. I think everyone should go and see it because it is a very interesting installation!


Exhibit Opening at the AGA